Volunteers Please!

The Horsmonden Summer Festival weekend could not happen without the wonderful volunteers who pitch up over the weekend to help. You do not have to give a huge commitment of time but below a list of some of the help required, which seems to come down to a great deal of setting up for the next event or clearing away from the previous event.  

We always aim to recycle paper, glass and cans and this year there will be recycling points provided, clearly labelled.  


Setting up the bar gazebo. (PM, time TBC)


Set up from 10am – 1pm.

Recycling bins to be positioned and labelled.
Bunting, fairy lights and primary school pictures to be put up (AM, time TBC).
Positioning tables and distributing chairs around.
Erection of banners.

Clear up from 11.45pm.

Directing guests to recycling bins, sorting bottles/paper/tin for recycling.
Collapse tables ready for collection.
Stack chairs.


From 8am - 12 noon

Final clearing of marquee for FoHPS to set up for School Fete.
Assistance with second stage building (if required).
Help to set up gazebos.
Trestle tables.
Arena fencing.

From 4pm - 6pm

Help FoHPS clear the Green and marquee.
Remove arena fencing.
Setting up trestle tables and chairs in marquee for music event.

From 11.45pm
Directing guests to recycling bins, sorting bottles/paper/tin for recycling.


Village Worship (time TBC)
Set up of tables and chairs for village worship.
Take down small gazebo.

Afternoon tea
From 12.30pm
Set up tables and chairs for afternoon tea.
Help the WI produce tea in the Social Club (TBC).
Bring cakes and other food donations to the social club.
Serving teas, coffee, cold drinks.

Vintage cars
From 11.30am
1 or 2 people to be on site (at 11.30am) to assist with parking.
1 person to stay available all afternoon as a marshall (cars will come and go as we don’t stipulate hard and fast timings).

From 5pm
Clear marquee.
Stack chairs and tables for collection.
Clean up the Green making sure there is no rubbish.
Take down bunting, lights etc.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the above roles, please email Summer Festival organiser Sara Foster sarajfoster@btinternet.com.