About HoVEC

Our Aims

HoVEC is a voluntary community group that exists to provide a range of affordable events that will appeal to everyone in the village. We aim to bring the community of Horsmonden together, to celebrate village life at events that are run by villagers, for villagers.

How is HoVEC funded?

HoVEC is a self-funded group. All monies raised go towards funding more HoVEC events. HoVEC is keen to work with other village organisations to raise funds for specific community partners, such as Friends of Horsmonden Primary School (FOHPS), Horsmonden Kindergarten and the village churches.

Our Committee

Our committee consists of a team of dedicated volunteers, who meet on a regular basis and undertake all the necessary planning to ensure that events are properly organised and safe for all to enjoy. Anyone who lives in the village is automatically a member of HoVEC and is welcome to attend the regular committee meetings.

Our current committee members:

Chairperson: Sara Foster.

Deputy Chairperson: Anthony Hacker.

Treasurer: Catherine Catchpole.

Secretary: Lisa Gartshore.

Committee Members: Peter Bowman, Ralph Beney, Martin Dace, Kate Mills, Katy Arscott and Jane March.

Committee Meetings

Our committee meetings take place monthly, either in the Social Club or in the Gun and Spit Roast, usually on the third Thursday of each month. Committee meetings are not held in August or December. Please check the meeting details in advance with a committee member if you are interested in attending.

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